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Year 2


Welcome back!


We will be reading the books called ‘The Snorgh and the Sailor’ and ‘The Bear and the Piano’ . Both books allow great opportunities for creative writing. We will be encouraging the children to write for much more sustained periods of time. The children will have opportunities to write in many different ways with these two books including the following:

Story writing


Information texts

Explanation texts

Diary entries.


Spelling, punctuation and grammar.

We are revising the four different sentence types. We will be looking at the different verb tenses and writing the present and past.  



We are having a big push on our times table knowledge. All children should know their 2 and 3 times tables and be starting to know their 4 times table too. We are teaching the children about division by knowing the inverse relationships of the times table (e.g. 4 x 3= 12, so 12 ÷ 3=4).

Our areas of learning over the next few weeks are:


We will be learning to tell the time to every 5 minute interval. Please reinforce this at home as much as you can.

We will be solving word problems involving time.

We will be revising money. Learning how to make different amounts using coins. Learning how to make the same amount but with different coins. The children will also be solving word problems involving money.



Lent and Holy Week



We are learning about the needs of plants. We will observe and describe how seeds and bulbs grow into mature plants and find out and describe how plants need water, light and a suitable temperature to grow and stay healthy.



This half term we will be finding out about a variety of significant people from the past who have changed history including, Rosa Parkes, Mary Seacole, Florence Nightingale, Edward Jenner and Harriet Tubman.



Learning how to create ‘Computer Art’. This will be linked with our History and Art and the children will edit pictures of significant individuals from the past and create a portrait using software.



We will be doing dance this half term. The children will be doing a variety of movements to music to show an adventure. We will then compose a dance to the piano music of Bear from the Bear and the Piano.



Using colour and different materials to create portraits of ourselves and working towards producing a portrait of one of our historical individuals from our history. We will look at the work of Picasso, Paul Klee and Andy Warhol.



Unfortunately Mrs Cook has been very poorly and remains in hospital. We are missing her greatly and wish her a speedy recovery. The children have made her a card and we sent flowers from our Year 2 family. We are pleased to have Miss Babarczi working in Year 2 with us for the forseable future until Mrs Cook is well enough to come back.


We are really fortunate this half term to have Miss Owen with us. Miss Owen is a PGCE student on her second school placement. She has already made great relationships with the children and they are loving her fun and exciting lessons!

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