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Dear Year 4 Parents and Children,

Welcome to the Autumn Term in Year 4.


Literacy: This half term we will be exploring fantasy fiction - The Spiderwick Chronicles.

The children will read the interactive eBook, asking questions and developing their understanding of inference. They will use drama to explore characters and suspense. They will plan, edit and write a new episode of the fantasy story they have studied. The children will develop their understanding of grammar terminology, in particular – adverbials, possessive pronouns, determiners, conjunctions and clauses. We also expect that children will practise spellings and times tables at home. Spellings will be sent home starting from this week and will be tested every Monday morning.

Children in Year 4 will continue to bring a reading book home. Please continue to listen to your child read and enjoy books with them, as we want to encourage a love of reading. We expect them to be reading each day (minimum 30 minutes) and to record it in their reading diary.


Maths: We are focussing on mental strategies for solving calculations. Please encourage children to use mental maths skills in practical situations - shopping, playing games etc. Practise times tables - rapid recall of number facts really helps. We will also be examining written methods for solving problems and problems involving time.


Science: Sound - Working scientifically, children will have the opportunity to investigate how sound travels through solids, liquids and gases. They will investigate changing the pitch of sounds and they will find patterns between the pitch of a sound and the features of the object that produced it. They will have the opportunity to investigate sound through creating their own instruments and they will investigate the pattern between the volume of a sound and the strength of vibrations which produced it

History: We will be studying the Roman Empire and the Roman invasion of Britain.

P.E: Gymnastics and games - we will create, practise and refine complex sequences including a full range of movements, such as: travelling, balancing, and jumping. Could I ask that parents please make sure your child has the correct kit (including trainers for outdoor work) and that the kit stays in school all week in case the P.E day changes for any reason.


Teaching Arrangements:

I will teach the class on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday. Mrs Moody will teach the class on Wednesdays.



Children will be expected to read every day, learn their weekly spellings and complete weekly maths tasks.

I will be setting various weekly homework tasks:

  • Weekly spellings, handed out on a Monday morning; tested one week later (the Monday morning of the following week). Spellings are available on our Class Web page for those children who have forgotten to bring them home.
  • Weekly maths tasks. For this purpose, the children have a ‘Maths Homework’ exercise book and text book to take home with them. The tasks will follow on from their maths lessons in school and consolidate their learning. There will also be a selection of ‘MyMaths’ tasks to complete during the term. A reminder text will be sent out when tasks are set with completion dates.
  • Daily Reading for 30 minutes please.
  • Occasion Home Learning projects on a termly basis to consolidate learning in Science and across the wider curriculum.

Please can you continue to provide support by ensuring that children have a quiet time put aside for their homework, and an opportunity to share their learning with you. If children are finding any piece of homework too difficult or they are taking more than 45 minutes to complete it, please do not persist. Simply write me a note to let me know.

Thank you for your continued support. If you have any questions or concerns please pop into class before or after school.


Mrs Evans

Year 4 Class Teacher


 Year 4

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