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                                                                            January 2018


Dear Parents,


Happy New Year! I hope you all had a fantastic Christmas and well deserved break. It has been lovely getting to know the children last term and we look forward to the next term ahead.

Our theme this half term is ‘Fairytales’, which is thematically linked through our Literacy topic ‘Once Upon a Time’


Traditional Stories and Fairytales. The children will be reading and listening to a variety of well known stories and more traditional stories to recreate their own versions through dance, drama and writing.


Key focus: Please can you support your children with time (o’clock and half past)


Our units of Numeracy this half term are:

Calculations: adding and subtraction (i.e. 0ne digit number from a two digit number)

Solving Problems (i.e. Pay and give change)

Properties of shapes

Place Value (Recognising Tens and Units)

Time and Measure.

Number sequencing (Counting in tens i.e 35, 45, 55)



Our heritage: Folks stories and castles, The children will explore their national heritage through a range of folk stories and castles. The children will make a model of a castle and use drama and role play to investigate the lives of castle inhabitants.


Art and DT: Will be thematically linked to traditional stories and castles, the children will

build on their drawing and painting skills to create a range of pictures. They will also make a draw-bridge for their castles in D.T, and make porridge for the 3 bears,. They will also work on their textiles to create a bag to hold the golden coins for Jack.



Comparing materials: The children will be able to describe the physical properties of a variety of everyday materials by comparing and grouping together a variety of everyday materials.



The children will focus on sequencing traditional stories. They will also create an interactive short video of a fairytale using digital media.



In the first half of term the children will be looking at Jesus as Teacher and Healer.

Understanding that Jesus taught people about God and how they should live through stories called parables and how the Church continues that ministry today in various ways and how Christians are called to follow the example of Jesus in their lives.   

In the second half of term the children will be looking at forgiveness, to understand the importance of forgiveness as a gift we receive and as a way that we can show love to others. They will also explore the choices that they make and that these can be good or bad and the consequences that arise from them and the need to say sorry when bad choices are made.  


Now the hall is fully up and running again and the stage has been taken down, we will be full swing again with PE. The children will continue dance and then move onto gymnastics through the winter months.


Homework: The children will continue to receive homework on a Friday to be handed in by Tuesday.


Children will continue to receive literacy homework linked to the sound of the week.


Handwriting: This term the children will be focusing on their joined handwriting. A copy of our cursive writing can be found in this weeks homework.


The children will continue to receive Numeracy homework which will be a consolidation of what they have been learning in the week. This will either be paper based or set on active learn. Please could you let me know if you have difficulty accessing a computer so that alternative arrangements can be made.


Reading: Children will continue with group and guided reading whilst at school. Please can you ensure that you listen to your child read every night and ensure that their books are signed. If a book has not been signed we will assume it has not been read.

Theme days: At the end of this term the children will have a theme day linked to our fairy tale topic. A letter will go out nearer the time about this.


Any questions or queries please do not hesitate to contact us.


Yours sincerely


Mrs Tibble and Mrs Lockett

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