St Christopher's Catholic Primary School

Love One Another

Life at St Christopher's Catholic Primary School

Dear Parents,

Welcome to Year 1. We hope you’ve had a lovely holiday.  The theme this half term is ‘Superheroes’ which is thematically linked through our literacy topic.


 Creation – the children will develop an appreciation of themselves and the world around them as part of God’s creation.  They will reflect on the need to thank and praise God for his many gifts.

Families and Celebrations – The children will develop their knowledge and understanding of what it means to belong to and celebrate as a family. We will be focussing on the Mass.


In Literacy the children will write about characters, settings to the story and will be retelling the story in their own words using simple sentence construction.


In Numeracy the children will:

Ordering numbers up to 20. Read and write number names up to 20. 

Estimate and count objects up to 30.

Identify one more and one less of any number.

Find number bonds to 5, 6, 7, 8 and 9 – addition and subtraction facts.

Know number bonds to 10 instantly – addition and subtraction facts. 

Double numbers up to 10. Halve even numbers up to 10.


History: In history the children will be learning about both historical and modern day heroes / heroines.


Creative: In Art the children will use the theme of superheroes to create a range of art work linked to the book ‘Supertato’. They will create a model using a variety of materials and the children will also be designing their own ‘WANTED’ posters for the evil peas. They will also be using their ideas from Literacy to make their own superhero character.


PE: The children will have P.E on a Wednesday and Friday.  They will be carrying out superhero training! Learning how to use their speed and balance like a superhero. We will also be learning how to listen to instructions and travel in different directions with control and fluency.  The children will also be enjoying games such as Cat and Mouse on the playground to help improve their agility and co-ordination. 


Home Learning: Will be handed out on Friday, please can you ensure that it is completed and returned by Tuesday. The children will continue to receive literacy homework which will be linked to the sounds of the week. This will also support their handwriting. Spellings will be tested on Fridays (no home learning will be handed out for the first few weeks of term to enable the children to settle in).


Reading:  Children will continue with group and guided reading whilst at school.  Please can you ensure that you listen to your child read every night and ensure that their books are signed. Books will be issued from week commencing 10th September.


If you have any questions or concerns please make an appointment with the office and we will be happy to have a chat at any time. 


Kind Regards


Mrs Pritchard and Mrs Lockett